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Pskov state medical university is an educational university for science and culture based in Russia. It was established in 1936 and since then has been the centre for knowledge and development of strong professional minds in the field of science. The University consists of highly trained and professional staff that is well trained and ready to take on any challenges.
Pskov University is deemed as one of the best universities for the MBBS program. It consists of 20 training and laboratory buildings, 12 student dormitories, 6 assembly halls, 8 gyms, 7 reading halls, and a couple of electronic reading rooms. The university seeks a European approach to training which includes experienced-based learning. Being one of the oldest universities in Russia it offers a variety of courses which include – Post Graduate courses, Master’s Degree, Graduate Degree. The highlight of Pskov University is that it prepares its students to practice medicine in any part of the world.

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Affiliation of Pskov State Medical University

  • Pskov University is recognized by – Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • Pskov University is recognized by – World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Can you cut the staff time allocated and still deliver a safe and valuable service?
  • Ranking - Country Rank – 209

Advantages of MBBS in Pskov State Medical University

  • Pskov State Medical University is recognized by WHO.
  • Russia is rich in its culture and students can partake in leisure activities while studying
  • Due to limited batches at once, individual attention is given to students.
  • European standards of learning are followed hence overall experienced-based learning is provided by the university.
  • The campus is an educational abode for students from various countries, hence giving everyone a chance to adapt and learn about varied cultures around the world.
  • The admission process is seamless and smooth.
  • Campus accommodation gives students a chance to stay within the university and learn.
  • A well-equipped library is available for students at any time.

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